Remy Hair Extensions

Remy hair extensions mean when the human hair is in it’s total purity and integrity.
Hair is the woman also man wonder as such remy hair extensions have converted to something indispensable in this current trendy planet. Out there is a big percentage of data on how to attach remy hair extensions. It can be a gun that employs heat to melt the hair extensions adhesive than then sticks to fasten the extension. Other similar ways on how to glue in extensions of hair are polluting the internet but none of them are responsibly giving any advice to consumers about the terrible secondary effects of the heat extensions adhesive methods that have the power equivalent to three times of the damage that heat can cause to the natural.


Image your hair being attached to the extensions with heat glue for hair extensions, same as used to seal pieces of wood or metal together! Hair no matter how good or strong it is, is still fragile! Hair should be handling with care no abrasive products!
Most of the systems available in the industry use some kind of damaging compound or tool in the process which can be the hair extensions adhesive, pieces of metal like rings or plastic, all of them responsible of creating damage to the hair to some extent, some of them with further results as hair loss.

The worst are the system where the hair extensions hot glue is melted with the gun then it is revolved, wrapped and linked together with the natural hair posing as the victim. This gun is probably the only gun that you don’t need a permit to carry but still is a killer and the target is the hair.
Famous hair infusion extensions only using a medical grade adhesive that does not use guns or heat just a simply method where a based natural hair compound called keratin is used in the mix to promote hair growth just like the plants food will do. It is in used in room temperature and nothing else in involved in the process, other than the superlight piece of hair extension and this kindly adhesive.
Everything else is up to the consumer’s choice; as qualified beauty advisers we are just informing the real facts that are sometimes missed by other professionals in this industry focused in generating revenue without truly care for the natural hair of the customer which is also sometimes the result of inexperience.

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