Quality Shooting Range Charlotte NC

Shooting Range Charlotte NC offers the latest in shooting Range and 5-Stand along with traditional Trap and Skeet(pictures).  They also offer Shooting Range Charlotte NC gun rental. Shooting Range came to this country from England in the late 1980’s. Its purpose was to simulate actual field shots encountered by upland and waterfowl hunters. You will see a wide variety of targets (pictures) at varying speeds, distances, and angles that are sure to enhance your field shooting abilities. In addition to serving the hunting community, Shooting Range has also evolved into a national and international competitive shooting sport. Monthly tournaments are held at Island Lake, usually on a Saturday and are open to all shooters. 5-Stand is a version of shooting Range that requires less space and equipment.


Important range rules and general information about all the games can be found at the About Us area of the website. Shooting Instructor and National Shooting Range Association (NSCA website) All-American Pat Lieske, operates the state-of-the-art Shotgun range. Shooters of all ages and experience find that Pat and his staff are willing to assist in any aspect of shotgun shooting- from learning a new game or target presentation, to choosing the best equipment for you. For rifle and pistol shooters, The Department of Natural Resources operates 25, 50 and 100-yard ranges next to the Trap and Skeet fields.

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