Now You Can Have a Shed Free of Water Damage

Storing your valuables in a safe place around the home is very important. The problem with storing things that everyone seems to run into is that there never seems to be enough room to store all of the items. Over time, the area that was designed to store your vehicles known as the garage will eventually give way to the additional stuff you have accumulated each year and before you know it, you are on the lookout for more storage space in the way of a storage shed placed in the back yard. While these buildings can be a very convenient and affordable storage solution, you need to do what you can to ensure that the storage space is also capable of remaining free of the threat of water damage Orange County.

Storage buildings have become very common over the past several decades, and much like homes themselves, the building materials they are constructed with have been greatly improved as well. There are storage building solutions for just about every possible budget you can think of, and the grade of quality that you wind up with will more than likely be determined by the budget you can afford. There are some key things to take into account when planning your new storage facility if you want to help ensure that it’s contents remain dry at all times.


Just as your home should not be placed on the low end of a slope in the ground, neither should your storage building. You may find your options extremely limited when it comes to placing a storage shed on your property because it will more than likely need to be placed behind the home. Whether paced on a low part of the property or not, your new shed should not be constructed until a concrete slab or block foundation has been put in place first to elevate the shed from the ground a bit. This will help for two reasons. For one, it will prevent the wooden floor of your shed from slowly deteriorating over time by the moisture coming from the ground beneath. And two, the added elevation will aid in keeping the floor of your shed out of reach of the rain water that may flow through your back yard from time to time causing temporary flooding.

You may put the same importance on some of the items that will be placed in your storage shed as you do the items that are kept in your home, so you should approach how the top of your shed will be finished in much the same way. You should spare no expense, if you can help it, when selecting a high quality grade of shingles for the roof of your shed. You should also install a gutter system to aid in routing the water that will run off of the roof when it rains away from the foundation of the storage shed.

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