How Movies are Rated?

Hello Guyzz, Today I am talking about how movies are rated, as we all know many rating sites give their ratings to the newly launched movie’s. This Rating site compares the film on various standards set by them, and these standards may vary, i.e., every rating site may have their standards. This rating system launched in 1968 by Motion Picture Association of America, and in the beginning, the system had 4 types of grades

  • G – G denotes general audiences, i.e., this graph, de shows that this movie is for the general audience and everybody can watch the film, and there is no excessive adult content in the film.
  • M – M denotes Mature, i.e., this, the film only for the adults and teenagers are not allowed to watch this movie because of some adult content.
  • R – R denotes Restricted that is this movie is not allowed to show in the theatres.
  • X – X denotes Explicit that is explicitly for some purpose may be adult or any other matter.


This system was followed for many years although many times changes were made in the system to maintain its trustworthiness. This system was very helpful for the parents because through this system they get to know which movie was suitable for their children and which was not.

Rating is not only for the movie’s even ratings are also given to the trailers of the film, and you will also be surprised to know that the grade is also provided to the posters of the movie’s and if a movie is not rated then it will be rated as ‘’ this movie is not yet rated” and there trailer will show this title, and it is mandatory for the makers of the movie to show this title in their trailers.

Talking about the rating system in India, The Central Board of Film Certification have the right to give ratings to the films released in India, and it could be Hollywood as well as Bollywood movie. This Board established under the Cinematograph Act 1952 and worked according to the rules mentioned under the cinematograph act. In India, in the beginning, there were only two categories in which a movie fall. These two categories are:


“U” – U denotes unrestricted public exhibition, i.e., there is no restriction on the movie and there no abusive and adult content in the movie which causes any harm to the audience.


  • “A” – A denotes that “restricted to the adult audiences” that is the only adult can watch this movie and teenager cannot watch this movie alone although they can watch this movie along with their parents. But in 1983, two more categorize were developed by the board.
  • Now there is one more type of rating famous in India, and this rating is not given by the board instead this rating is provided by some private or public publishers or newspapers like Indian Express, etc.

This private publication rated the movies on the bases of entertainment that whether the film is entertaining or not and this rating helps the audiences to know about the level of the movie and this rating is entirely different from the above scores. Many players in the market give ratings to the newly launched movies. Following of which are:

Yahoo movies



Indian Express


You can read the review of this sites before going to watch a movie in the theatres and check the rating of the film.

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