It comes with the territory as a flight attendant that you are away on trips a lot. I also travel frequently to Melbourne as my other half lives over there.

1- It may seem so obvious but pack light and roll – not fold your clothes! I don’t see the need to wear a different outfit every night of the trip as it takes up far too much space as I also require work uniforms, stockings and underwear. I also like to take my DSLR camera along and so I need to make sure I have enough space for it. When traveling to cooler climates it gets a little trickier but I will normally go with jeans, t-shirt and faithful old Cotton On cardigan and substitute the thongs for ballet flats. 

2- Decant toiletries into smaller bottles. I usually keep my toilet bag packed with shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste and body lotion then I just add in things like my facial moisturiser and contact lenses at the last minute. I have a smaller hairspray and spray deodorant that I take daily but I make sure to pack them in my front pocket of my overnight bag so they’re easy to remove when going through security. We are really lucky that we don’t have to put toiletries through security in L.A.G. bags like they do in the States. I don’t bother with soap or body wash as the hotel will have those. For overseas travel you can only carry a limited quantity of liquids, aerosols or gel in your carry-on luggage. The guidelines are here. Do your homework and be prepared, you don’t want to have to be trying to consolidate everything at the last minute or even worse have to give up something important (or expensive) because it’s in a container that’s too large. 

3- Think very hard about whether you need to bring your laptop. Pre iPhone4 I would take my laptop away with me and it is a big commitment as it needs to be taken out every time you go through security but the iPhone4 has been a lifesaver for keeping me up to date with Facebook, Twitter etc while I’m on the move. 

4- Wear your heaviest clothes on the plane ride over ie jeans, boots, jackets. This way they’re not taking up room in my suitcase. Unfortunately flying to Melbourne from Perth has been a bit tricky due to the extreme heat we’ve been having so I’ll wear a summery dress on the flight over and ballet flats but put some thick tights on and a jacket on the plane ride over. 

These are just a few tips to help you when traveling which I hope you all find useful!





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